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Johnston & Jeff Foreign Finch 20kg


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A good all round mixture for all finches, ensuring optimum health and condition, it is nutritionally ballanced and addative free

99.9% pure, a mix of canary seeds, millet seeds(including panicum and white millet) ideal for zebras bengalese, gouldians etc

A compound feedstuff for tropical finches. Ingredients: panicum, white milletseed, canary seed, vegetable oil. 50% panicum millet (small seed) means this mix is highly suited for small topical finches. This is a highly nutritious blend and don’t be fooled by the fact it only has three ingredients. They are the best available including soft white millet from the USA – this is the finest quality and the most easily digestible of proso millets. The high percentage of panicum millets makes it a very good blend for Gouldians and Cordon Bleu.