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Johnston & Jeff Banana Slices (Honey Dipped) 7kg ***Special Order***


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A very crunchy natural treat for your Parrot. These banana chips have been sliced, dried and thinly coated with natural honey making them an excellent source of Vitamin B6.

Fruity and sweet, a natural treat to please all Parrots.

  • African Grey Parrots
  • – Amazon Parrots
  • – Caiques
  • – Cockatiels
  • – Cockatoos
  • – Eclectus Parrots
  • – Large Conures
  • – Large Macaws
  • – Meyer’s and Senegal Parrots
  • – Quakers also known as the Monk Parakeet
  • – Small Conures
  • – Small Macaws or Mini Macaws
  • Please remember this information is for size guidance only – you know your bird best!
  • Special Delivery so please allow extra time for this product***