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Breederpack Adult Crunchy Cat Food Complete


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Breederpack Crunchy Cat Food is a complete dry food suitable for cats of all ages, including kittens that contains a variety of biscuits found in many supermarket brands, some of which you may recognise and resold and re-packaged by kennelpak in economical 15kg bags and smaller 2.5kg bags

Breederpack complete cat food is ideal for owners or breeders that have several cats and want to reduce feeding costs, the crunchy tasty biscuits will help clean and remove tartar from your cats teeth and is cheaper for owners to feed, than tinned food that is also heavy and awkward to store.

Breederpack Feeding Guide

– Adult Cats 70 to 100g per day
– Pregnant Cats up to 130g per day
– Cats Nursing Kittens up to 400g per day
– Kittens food may be softened with a little warm water or milk

Nutritional Information:

– Protein 30%
– Oils & Fats 10%
– Fibre 3.5%
– Ash 8%