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Bartholomews Niger 20kg


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How to use niger seed for birds
Because niger seed is rich in oil and high in nutrition, it makes it an outstanding food for garden birds all year round. It’s even better used as winter bird food as it will give garden birds an extra calorie hit that will help them store fat to keep them warm. The high protein count will help with the regeneration of feathers when moulting throughout the year.

Which birds eat niger seed?
Smaller seed-eating birds like Finches and Sparrows have developed into experts at eating tiny seeds such as niger. These species have smaller pointed and sharp beaks, ideal for cracking open the shells of the niger seed.

These smaller birds are acrobatic when they feed from a niger seed feeder, often seen feeding from them upside down. This type of conditioning is great practice for the wild, where they will have to use these acrobatic skills to feed on their own.

Easily digestible
High oil content
Very popular with finches
Suitable for all year round feeding