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Bartholemews Chopped Peanuts 15kg


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These oil and protein rich peanuts are a great way to attract wild birds to your garden.

Features and Benefits
Provide organic, nutrient-rich food for the wild birds in your garden to keep them well-fed and healthy
Encourage birds to return to your garden year after year by providing a reliable source of food
Make sure birds can access nourishing food during cold winter months when natural food sources are scarce

Hints and Tips
Encourage birds to visit your garden and keeping them healthy by feeding all year round
The RSPB recommends year round feeding; in Autumn / Winter when food is scarce and in Spring / Summer when parents need a plentiful supply to nurture their young.
Check your feeder twice a day if you can, once in the morning and once again in the afternoon. Most feeders will need refilling at least every other day.
Make water available year round for birds to drink and bathe, ensuring it doesn’t freeze over in Winter.
Hygiene is important. Prevent bacteria build up by cleaning feeders and feeding areas.