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Bamfords Top Flight Suet Rolls 500g


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Suet Rolls

Suet Rolls are a popular, high energy treat for wild birds, suitable for all year feeding. A deliciously nutritious blend of premium grade fats and oils pack a concentrated energy burst for all species of wild birds. Due to the high protein level, Suet Rolls make an excellent substitute for natural sources at times when they can be scarce. Their soft texture means they are easily edible by small and soft beaked birds too.

Feed from a specially designed suet roll feeder or simply place on a bird table.
All year feeding, particularly during Winter, Spring and Summer, when natural food supply is at its lowest.

Ensure fresh, clean water is always available.

Store in a cool dry place, out of direct sunlight

Available in Berry and Mealworm


Berry: Beef Suet, Wheat, Peanut Flour, Dried Insects, Colourant, Berry Flavouring

Mealworm: Beef Suet, Wheat, Peanut Flour, Dried Insects, Dried Mealworms